Bak kut teh is a Chinese traditional food that appears in Malaysia for a few decade since Zen He brought Chinese citizen down to the south east asia in 1945. Now it is a symbolic food that you as the foreign visitor must try once when you visit Malaysia. Bak Kut Teh is full of the taste of Chinese herb. You will feel it from far when you are approaching the place that we sell Bak Kut Teh.

From the smell that makes you hungry until you taste the meats in your mouth, Bak Kut Teh makes your whole body blood circulating with all the wonderful memory. Smell it, makes you feel our culture. Taste it, makes you remember it forever. Feel it, makes you be their lover.!

For our approach, we are going to bring our traditional BKT into a modernlization way. All the foods that prepare in YuYi, are under a systematic way. We have the standard procedure while we preparing the foods. We emphasize the hygiene of food and the cleanliness of our dining environment. We serve nothing special but a good quality BKT in town. We will bring your BKT dining experience to a new level. And for sure, you will get a reasonable price for all the good foods.


友谊肉骨茶一向带给顾客多样化的菜色选择, 从汤头,主菜,配料,饭到饮品, 都有超过3样的煮法任君选择。食品不仅新鲜,老火上汤更不在话下,把顾客们肚子的幸福照顾好,是我们最大责任!

在不久的将来, 我们将带给大家一个更具有系统, 更具时尚特色的肉骨茶餐厅, 务必给大家在更多的地方都可以更